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 om slama hend bent abi omia

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PostSubject: om slama hend bent abi omia   Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:39 am

Umm Salamah Hind Bint Abi illiteracy - or believers

Or is donated Hind Bint Abi Bin illiteracy invasive bin Abdullah bin Omar bin GATCO Ben Ben vigilant once Makhzoumi, with the daughter of Khalid bin Walid and Abu Bint with the ignorance of the enemy of God cursed nicknamed b (the passenger) Both traveled with him enough supplies and the rich.

Born in Mecca before the mission by about seventeen years, and was one of the most beautiful women and balconies proportions, and was close to five years and thirty holy Prophet When I got married four years of migration and before the prophet - peace be upon him - when his brother from breast Abi Bin Abd al-Assad gave him Makhzoumi men Good ..

Migrate to Abyssinia
Or gave him - may Allah be pleased about - a woman of honor in her family, a daughter of one of the finest men of the Arabs, Nejad themselves to their faith, was the first to come from Muslims to Abyssinia fellow GATCO Abu Salman bin Abd al-Assad, his wife, his mother gave him his daughter Abi illiteracy And generated a land of Abyssinia, daughter of Abu Zeinab handed him ... The mother gave him back to Mecca with her husband in disregard of sight of victory, the patient in the name of Allah and unification, so that God authorized them to migration to Medina ...

Migration to the city

Troy mother gave him - may Allah be pleased about - the story of their emigration to the city says: (for the entire Abu donated to the city rolled out the shots, and pregnancy and carry with me my son gave him, and then the shots came out driving, when spotted by marauding men who built it, they: (a majority of these yourself It consults this, the Mentrkk moving in the country ?)... and distributed back from his mistake, and they took me, angered at that Banu Abd al-Assad, and handed him over to Yahoo and said: (God does not leave our son, then, if distributed by Our friend). ..

Gravity conferred until my son gave him his hand, and launched by Abdul Bani Assad, the father handed him Rahat, solitary beings have changed, and launched my husband even gave him the right of Abu city, the difference between me and my husband and my son ...
I took out every eve, and I sit Balabtah, what I still cry has become even seven or relative, even over my fellow man, he saw what my uncle in my face, said Lubna invasive: (only graduated from the poor dispersed between them and between her husband and her son ?)... THEY: (Alim husband if you like) ... Responded to the Bani Assad Abdel then my son ...

So, it settled the shots, and took my son in the stone, then left the city I want my husband and me from one of God's creation, I was informed, even if you Sleeking met with Osman Bin Talha, brother, Abdel-built house, he said: (Where are you, daughter of Abu illiterate?) ... I said: (I want my husband city) ... He said: (Are you one ?)... I said: (No God but God, my son this ?)... He said: (God, what you home) ...

He went back error, so it was launched with me leads me sure of what accompanied the men from Arab Akram I see him, and if I stayed home Khan then stepped aside to tree, beneath Fadtdja If the DNA lives to the shots ahead and then delay my trip and said: (knee) ... If installed Astoyt He went to the shots came Bouktamh, the leaders until I got out, people are still dying makes it even made my city, when looking at the village of Beni Amr ibn Auf captains, he said: (to your husband in this village) ...

The Abu donated by the Basel, received the Abu handed him or gave him and his son with it, with all the joy and pleasure, and will meet with the family after migrating differentiate the dispersal and the horrors ...

The death of Abu Salamah
The witness Abu donated one of its invasion, and a further contributes to reinforce, yet he thinks that he fully returned adjourned hurt, and went to bed, patients or donated to the term that was attended by God and death ... He said upon his death: (Oh God, my family background in fine) ... Khalfan messenger of God - peace be upon him - or his wife gave him after his sermon and bring with her husband, became either for believers, he became the prophet - peace be upon him - Sarbib structure (Omar and donated, Zeinab) ...

House Nabawi

The prophet - peace be upon him - or when delivered, came in to Hassan and Hussein - may Allah be pleased with him - and then entered under the robe, and then under way to God Almighty said: (They have my home) ... Or she gave him - may Allah be pleased about -: (O Messenger of God, took me with them !)... He said - peace be upon him -: (you of my family) ... With this amendment to reassure themselves ...

It was - peace be upon him - pay heed to the children if they were his sons, daughter of Abu Zeinab Sarbib handed him become knowledgeable women have its time ... The total of Azzazi - peace be upon him - gave him the Sarbib bin Abi that gave him his uncle's wife, daughter of the martyr Hamza bin Abdul demand - may Allah be pleased with him -...

Participation in the invasions

Or has accompanied the faithful mother gave him the prophet - peace be upon him - in many invasions, was with him in the invasion of Khyber At the opening of Mecca in the siege of Al-Taif, in the invasion of Ahwaz and education expert, then accompanied the argument farewell ...

In the sixth year of migration accompanied mother gave him - may Allah be pleased about - the prophet - peace be upon him - in Alhdibih invasion, and have had the advice of the Messenger of Allah those who survived the wrath of Allah and His Messenger, when Show on the compliance of the command, when completed Prophet - may God The peace - the peace of the case told the owners: (sigh slaying and then flew) ... Sure of what the man whom even said that three times.

When one of them had not entered the prophet - peace be upon him - gave him his mother said it was the lack of response from people, and in this anger of God and His Messenger, and heal their Quraish, all God gave him his mother - may Allah be pleased about - to save the situation, she said : (O Prophet of God, love that?) - Obey any companions - and their yes, she said: (knocked out then spoke not one word of them so slaying Duncan calls Halkk throat) ...

Broke the prophet - peace be upon him - did not speak to anyone, and physical erosion, and called Halgah cycle, when the prophet that they felt welcomed, and make them fly another, until almost kill each other mines, and thus escaped the prophet of Allah risk violation - Mohammad A -...

Umm Salamah, Aisha

The mother gave him - may Allah be pleased about - the advice of the second L-believers Aisha, when Azmat go to the Ali Bin Abi Talib - may Allah be pleased with him - wrote in violence and the denial of severe, she said: (you helm of the Prophet of God and nation, and multiplied the veil inviolable, May collect the Koran tail, not sole, and housing is God Akir desertification - that is, your voice is not lifted - God behind this nation, what I was saying to the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - if the crossbar fingertips mountains and the flute? ... If you want to come by , And then told me to enter Paradise Asthieddit that God gave Hatkh veil may be a blow to) ... Her words abetting therein not to leave ...

Ms. Aisha wrote them - may Allah be pleased about - that says: (pre Oazk for, and informs me advice, and not to think Masire, and yes, the informed early horrified when the two Mtnadztan) ...

Her death
The mother gave him - may Allah be pleased about - another died of mothers believers, and in the sixty-one years of immigration and has lived in the order of ninety years ...

مــعــا...نــصــنــع الــحــيــاة
Together...Make The Better Life
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PostSubject: Re: om slama hend bent abi omia   Thu Dec 11, 2008 6:41 am

Salam My Dear Sister
sooooooooo wonderful
Thank U soooooo Much Dear sis for this nice wonderful nice Topic
May Allah bless u
Fi Aman Allah
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om slama hend bent abi omia
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