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 sawda bent zamaa

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PostSubject: sawda bent zamaa   Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:46 am

Or believers
Sawda Bent Zama bin Qais bin Abdul sun bin Abdul Dr. Ben Nasr ibn Malik bin Amer bin withdrawal son Luay shark, or believers, the wife of the prophet - peace be upon him - after Khadija and Aisha ago ... She Makkah and migrated with her husband to migrate to Abyssinia second husband died there ...

Story marriage

After the death of Ms. three years, said Khadija Bint Hakim him jihadists - peace be upon him - a question: (only marry ?)... He said: (It ?)... She said: (if you like Bakra and you want Thiebaud !?)... Said: (from virgin ?)... She said: "(his son loved God created you, Aisha bint Abu Bakr ?)... Said: (It Thiebaud ?)... She said: "(Sudan Bint Zama bin Qais, had been secured and your tracking what you are) ... Said: (gold mention) ...

Came so the house of Abu Bakr, entered and exited on Sudan, said: (death of any! What made you God of goodness and blessings ?!)... She said: "(and that ?)... She said: "(Messenger of God sent me - peace be upon him - speeches by ?!)... She said: (I wanted, my father came in to remind him that) ...

It was her father Sheikh large, so the whales greeting the people of ignorance and then said: (Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib sent me address on Sudan ?)... Said: (Karim efficient, what say accompanied ?)... She said: "(like that) ... Said: (invited to) ... Were invited him ... He said: (ie death of the claimed that the Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib sent his sermon, an efficient Karim, Avchabayn that Azojkh ?)... She said: "(yes) ... He said: (I was invited) ... The husband called ...

The death of the Prophet
Ms. death of a mouth, has had five or six boys from actor Matt (sugar bin Amr) ... He said the prophet - peace be upon him -: (What prevents you from me ?)... She said: "(O Prophet of God, God what prevents you should not be like the wild, but Akram, to prevent these boys at the ball and on the eve of your head) ... He said - peace be upon him -: (Do not lose me that ?)... She said: "(No God) ... He has the prophet - peace be upon him -: (God's mercy, that the best women knees trunks of camels, women Quraish Hanan Saleh on his son in the smallest, care to play the same hand) ...

Death of wife
Ms. Earth marriage Sudan - may Allah be pleased about - and took place in Beit High Prophet - peace be upon him - and eager to serve his daughters creams, happy fills the same satisfaction and pleasure ... And was pleased to see the prophet - peace be upon him - smiling, he walked in from the weight of her body, along with the same traffic light, which ...

After migration into the city came Aisha bint Abu Bakr, the wife of the Prophet - peace be upon him - paved the way for Ms. death of the young bride and was keen on satisfying and attending to the rest ... Then gave his prophet - peace be upon him - the wife of each house of its own, and came to the house wives Jadidat prophet - peace be upon him - but did not hesitate in the death of Ms. preference Ms. Aisha sincerity and goodwill ...


Started when Mr. Sood is ageing runs in her wreath, and they do not take it right at night extracted from among the wives of the prophet - peace be upon him - and it is unable to perform the duty of wedlock, Sarhan prophet - peace be upon him - but did not accept To live away from the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - bringing her dress and sat on his way he would leave it to prayer.

When DNA wept and said: (O Messenger of Allah, may Gmst on Islam ?)... He said: (Oh God, no) ... She said: "(I ask you to retreat) ... Retreat, and when she made the demand: (O Messenger of God, on the satisfaction of Aisha, to see your face, sure of what to me what women want, but I loved that the mission in the misuse of God on the Day of Resurrection) ... Thus, the company maintained a prophet - peace be upon him - in the world and the afterlife ...

Her death
Died - may Allah be pleased about - in the last time Omar ibn Al-Khattab ... Ms. Aisha remained reminding affect meet Jamil Hassan and praise in her life and after death - may Allah be pleased with him

مــعــا...نــصــنــع الــحــيــاة
Together...Make The Better Life
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PostSubject: Re: sawda bent zamaa   Thu Dec 11, 2008 6:39 am

Salam My Dear Sister
Thank U soooooo Much Dear sis for this nice wonderful nice Topic
May Allah bless u
Fi Aman Allah
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sawda bent zamaa
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