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 My Story to Islam

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PostSubject: My Story to Islam   My Story to Islam EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 11:36 pm

As-Salaam Alaykum Wa Ramatullah Wa Barakatu !
Hello my fellow Muslim Sisters, my name is Melva. I am a new convert to Islam, alHamdulilaah :) I converted the 21st of September so I've been Muslim for a little less that three months. I absolutely Adore Islam, Subhanallah ! I was raised in a Pentecostal Christian household with strict and consevative Christian values. I considered myself a Christian because I did everything Christians ere supposed to do, I prayed and went to church faithfully. But as a child , I never felt Christianity was for me and I started looking into other faiths.

I always admired the Muslim Women for their bravery and loyalty to Allah and Islam, although at that age, I didn't know what Islam was or that this is what it was called. So I spent years reading about the overview of Islam and amazingly I fell in love with it. I started to chat with some online Islamic advisors who helped me learn more about Islam and helped me take my Shahadah. I remember the day so vividly, Masha'Allah! My only obstacle would be telling my family, especially my mother who is a "holier than thou" christian who think she knows what's right and what's wrong. So eventually I told my mom, and she did not take it well at all. Our relationship was already very rocky and still is rocky so this put an extra strain on it. Its been hard since my conversion but Insha'Allah, things will work out. My family cannot accept that this is who I am. They are ignorant of Islam, and everytime I tryt explain to my mom about the beautiful aspect and benefits of me being Muslim like no dating, no gender, no alcohol, you'd think shed be really happy but she wasn't . She doesnt care and I understand this is a shock for her because it's not someone one would expect from me, but hey, I'm Muslim lol.

I am a proud African American Muslim ! Allahu Akbar. I pray as much as I can even though my mother won't allow me to, changing my lifestyle was very easy and I'm learning new new things about the life of the Prophets(MPBUT). I read my Qu'ran and abide by Allah's word. In my state , there are Muslims but not the true and sincere Muslims, they use Islam as a means of being popular. It deeply saddens me that people are not devoted anymore to not only Islam, but any religion. One of the main reasons I do not like Christianity is that it's followers do not practice what they preach. How can you tell me what God says and you do not listen yourself?? And in Islam, I have peace, a sense of self-worth, or responsibility. I am able to read the Qu'ran on my own and read the message for myself without someone changing the words to fit what's suitable at the time.

I give thanks to Allah, Alhamdulilaah w Asokrulilah for his grace and mercy. He's been my parent and friend through it all, and if it were not for his love, I wouldn't be able to share my story with my brothers and sisters. I always knew Islam was never just a religion but a way of life, and only a few are able to follow the path Allah has showed us and endure the trial we will have to and sacrifice the wants of the world to be different . Enna lillah wa enna elaihe Rajioun.

Lastly, I signed up for this website because I wish to have other Muslims to talk and fellowship with who share my love and passion for Islam, Alhamdulilaah. Insha'Allah, I will be able to help you all and you will be able to help me. Through Allah's strength , we will prevail :) May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you Allah :) wrote back or give me your opinions , I'd love to hear them !!!!!! 14216157394395a792ee
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My Story to Islam
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