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 Roti, chapatti - How to make and survive the mess?????

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PostSubject: Roti, chapatti - How to make and survive the mess?????   Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:40 pm

salam sisters,

ok will start with I looooove the asian breads, in particular chapatti so much, my problem is I hate making it, it never turns out like the restaraunts or friends and the mess of the flour gets everywhere!! Though maybe I am just messy? :)
evrytime i make curry i want to have roti but i just end up making rice cause thats easy (in the cooker), any tips how i make this easy and quick? Have also considered having local takeaway/restaurant make me a batch fresh and to pay, but it is slightly over-charged - like 80 pence a chapatti, I would be happy tp pay like 10-15 pence I mean i know how much the flour costs lol, oh well profits i might resoet to this, can't ask friends cause they busy making for their own family to make for my family as well.

ok sorry this post so long about bread as well - its making me hungry! Allah hafiz sisters
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Roti, chapatti - How to make and survive the mess?????
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