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 sisters in my area?

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New Sister
New Sister

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PostSubject: sisters in my area?   Mon May 18, 2009 12:11 pm

Salem Alikoum sisters

I hope you are all ok. It has been a few months since i have taken my shahada and im struggling a little in my dene.

In the area that i live (mansfield,notts.UK)there are not many sisters around and i would love to meet new sisters who i could sit and chat to and hopefully they can help me learn more and more about becoming a good muslima.My husband is always on hand to help but sometimes he gets a bit too carried away and i feel a little overpowered and anyway its always best to get a womans point of view on things!
If you are in my area and fancy meeting up or even emailing then it would be great to hear from you.I do feel a little lost on my own sometimes.Most of my friends are non muslim and typical English(as i used to be)and i cannot discuss things with them.
Unfortunately,apart from my husband and a few brothers i met through the mesjid,i havent told anyone about me being muslim.I dont feel ready to share it with anyone yet as its still all new to me.

It would be great to hear from my sisters.


Lots of love,
Your sister Lorraine
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PostSubject: Re: sisters in my area?   Sat May 30, 2009 5:23 am

Salam My dear Sister Lorraine
Happy to see you dear sis
How are U ?? Hop you are fine inshallah
we Miss you sooooo much
we are fine alhamdulallah and in a big bless forum Allah

well my dear sis hop you will find a Muslims Sister in your area ,to help you and be with you insha-Allah ,just ask Allah to be with you and give you a sisters who can be a good sisters in your life.
be in touch dear ...
and we are with you if you need any help

God Bless You My Dear Sis Lorraine

ws teddy
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sisters in my area?
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