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 fake album

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PostSubject: fake album   Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:28 am

Peace, mercy and blessings be upon you all
Brothers and Sisters ,

The Producing Company (Awakening) has released an album called 'Without
you' what they claim to be Sami Yusuf's third album, it was released without the approval of the artist himself , therefore this album is NOT taking place with Sami Yusuf's blessing OR his consent!
Please Do NOT purchase this FAKE Album !! .

Sami explained every thing in a formal statement confirming that The tracks are ‘work in progress’ and are almost entirely based on stolen mp3 demos that are far from complete ,requesting his fans and ardent supporters to boycott the sale of this fake album because its nowhere near the musical, lyrical and technical standards to which he is committed. He has asked his fans to patiently wait until the release of his 'GENUINE' album.

for more info kindly visit :

the proof:

These images were taken from Sami Yusuf's Profile ( Face Book )

- After the Release of the FAKE Album..

Sami Yusuf formal Statement to his fans, (you will find the same statement )at :


Sami Yusuf provided samples to show the difference in the quality between the released versions - which are based on stolen MP3 demos - and the latest version he made (but which stays to be a work in progress)

Forever” a Free track written and produced by Sami Yusuf is now available by subscribing to the email list (on the right side of the screen). This exclusive track is dedicated to the innocent victims and children of Gaza.

, To Download the GENUINE version of (Palestine Forever )
kindly visit www.samiyusufofficial.com

you listen to the GENUINE version and the FAKE one you may notice the difference in the lyrics, the musical background and the clarity of the sounds ,Those who've listened to this album have confirmed on their statements that the album certainly is unmastered, the mixing is poor, making it perfectly clear that the recorded songs are still work-in-progress. In addition the sound of the musical instruments and the sound effects have been 'added' on to the vocals in the background,confirming that the album is not genuine.

after all this Awakening Records also published a statement to explain their stance on the new album.
Saying :
"there are certain rumours and statements circulating claiming that Sami Yusuf has left Awakening Records and that Awakening Records is releasing Without You - the third album of Sami Yusuf - without his approval and that the album merely consists of demos However, Awakening Records would like to clarify that:

First :
Sami Yusuf is signed exclusively to Awakening Records for five albums. Awakening Records has previously released two albums - Al-Muallim and My Ummah and the third album Without You was released on Monday 12th of January 2009. Under the current agreements, all recordings are exclusively owned by Awakening Records.

Second :
Awakening Records has made substantial payments to Sami Yusuf for the third album which was due for release in August 2008 - as advertised on www.samiyusuf.com since May 2008 - and has full exclusive rights to release and distribute the album worldwide. Any other individual or company releasing any of Sami Yusuf's music albums or works can only do so by infringing the copyrights held by Awakening Records.

Third :
Due to some internal contractual disputes – primarily resulting from third party interferences – Awakening Records had initially decided to postpone the release of the album till the outstanding matters were resolved.

Fourth :
It now seems that the dispute will take longer than expected to resolve and thus Awakening Records has decided to release the third album whilst other outstanding contractual issues re resolved. It is not in the interest of Awakening Records or Sami Yusuf to continue to put all work on hold indefinitely.

Fifth :
It has further come to the attention of Awakening Records that certain people are taking this opportunity to spread false information and rumours about Awakening Records and Sami Yusuf. Despite what is happening, Awakening Records holds Sami Yusuf in high esteem and is proud to have him as one of its artists. We urge people to refrain from spreading uncorroborated and partial information that only harms Sami Yusuf and Awakening Records.

Sixth :

Although contractual disputes are the norm in the 'music industry', it is unfortunate and it deeply saddens us that it has come to this. However, we are hopeful that matters will be resolved amicably and as swiftly as possible.

Director Wassim Malak

some questions !!

do you think that this album release deserves to be heard? in terms of quality? well I don't think that those who have a good understanding and a high artistic taste accept such work ,

If Awakening respect its listeners ,so Why would they release such album, although its still far from complete?, whatever happens either it was disagreements or disputes they must respect thier listeners.
this will lead us to ask Around the motive truth behind the album release , why did Awakening release an album based on stolen mp3 demos while its not completed and without Sami Yusuf's Approval !!??
it also make us wonder whether www.Samiyusuf.com is Sami's Personal site .. or is it only in his name but under Awakening control ? ..

and Why did Sami make his OWN 'PERSONAL' site after these problems?

clarification :

www.samiyusuf.com < << this site is NOT Sami Yusuf's personal site, but under Awakening administration ..

Sami Yusuf asked Awakening to close www.samiyusuf.com several times, but to no avail !!

Here is the proof ..

As for Sami Yusuf's Parsonal Site :

: Sami Yusufs respond to the Awakening Statement

In response to the open letter published by Awakening Records/Entertainment, their acknowledgement that there is currently a dispute between Awakening and Sami Yusuf is certainly a positive step in the right direction. The letter does not, however, state that Sami has spent the best part of a year attempting, without success to get Awakening to address his complaints .

They stated that “Awakening holds Sami in very high esteem and is honored to have him as one its artists” Hard to believe when they have released an album mainly consisting of inferior quality mp3 demos that came into their possession by means unknown. These demos were only intended to be used as ‘work in progress’ guide tracks that are far from Sami’s exacting standards and certainly not fit for release. They knew or must have known that, dispute apart, Sami would never have given his blessings or permission for such material to be made available to the public. Is this how they demonstrate the degree to which they are “honoured” to have Sami as one of their artists?

Go to Sami’s new, official, website: samiyusufofficial.com where he has loaded examples of the difference between the quality of the Awakening release, which is based on year-old demos and more recent work that he has carried out.

Also available on this site is a new version of ‘Palestine Forever’ which Sami is offering to his supporters as a free download.


Labelmaison Ltd
Sami Yusuf’s Management

For more credibility !!!

To those who didn't believe or not convinced of what has been said ,these pictures clearly prove that Awakening has deceived brother Sami .
the pictures were taken from Awakening's fan page (face book) but it was Immediately deleted by Awakening thank god one of Sami's fans managed to save this proof

Important Video Message From Sami Yusuf About Boycott the FAKE Album

Riz Khan Show !!!

Part 1

Part 2
Real Asma u ALLAH LEAKED!!!!!
Download !!!


Published " He is there" from the " Fake Album " Without You, this
video is not related to sami . Watch it and judge your self !!!


Sami Yusuf New Official Website.


Sami Yusuf New and Official Forum.


Sami Yusuf Official Facebook.


Sami Yusuf Myspace Profile.


Sami Yusuf Channel In Youtube. inofficialy


www.samiyusuf.com is NOT sami's site !!!!
Finaly :


The album that was released by Awakening are either:
1. Demos
2. Unfinished
3. Work in Progress
4. Experiments, never intended to be released


for more info we recommend you to visit :
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fake album
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