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 Create Good Thoughts

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PostSubject: Create Good Thoughts   Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:02 pm

Create Good Thoughts: Think Good & Good Happens

Focus on the "Good." Don't let a minute pass by today without finding something positive in everything encountered -- an important mental exercise. We've learned to be negative, and it always suppresses. Having recurring negative thoughts is probably the worst experience that a human being can have. Staying positive, on the other hand, is an ongoing process which can be achieved by developing an ability to refocus your attention toward something positive-- a learned behavior.

Unfortunately, negativity is everywhere! We are surrounded by it. It's in the news, gossip, movies, and things we've learned to recurringly say to ourselves. We've done it so much that perhaps we may not even realize when we are negative, which is certainly detrimental to our well-being.

We can learn to take a positive point of view, which fuels advancement and makes life fun! Instead of focusing on counterproductive or negative things, concentrate on good, constructive, or positive things and see what happens.

"Catch and convert" all negative thoughts. Sometimes when you find yourself entertaining negative thoughts, try this: Look around and concentrate on spotting the positives. Simply create positive thoughts. Think about wonderful outcomes, things you are grateful for, or how good it will be to establish a successful routine.

Do things that will influence your attitude in a positive manner, like taking a walk, eating healthy, meditating, or helping others find success. Make a positive list of things you are looking forward to or reasons why you should succeed. And like the music teacher says: Practice! Practice! Practice! ("Practice makes perfect," and then you must practice perfect
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Create Good Thoughts
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