Let`s Bring Back Our Glory
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 Peace & Justice

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PostSubject: Peace & Justice   Wed May 14, 2008 8:44 am

Peace & Justice, by Sara Khaliq

(246) Idon`t Have The Right To Say A Word

Peace is word far from my dictionary
Never having seen it might be why
To me peace means a loving family
Which I don`t know of
Not having enough food and a house might be why.

It doesn`t bother me any more
My brothers, sister and parents being dead,
My house being torn down,
And my country, Iraq being shredded.

Along with peace, justice is some thing, which is not known to me
Watching the killing of innocent people does not surprise me
It does not bring tears to my eyes
Although it kills me inside.

I didn`t care if people went to war
I didn`t see why people committed suicide in Palestine
I didn`t see why they fled Kashmir
I didn`t care because of our differences
But now I realize their conditions.

They fought to achieve PEACE
They fought to achieve JUSTICE
And now, so do I.
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Peace & Justice
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