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 Bush 'shoed' during Iraq visit

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PostSubject: Bush 'shoed' during Iraq visit   Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:01 am

-- President Bush made a farewell visit Sunday to Baghdad, Iraq, where
he met with Iraqi leaders and was targeted by an angry Iraqi man, who
jumped up and threw shoes at Bush during a news conference.

Security personnel surround President Bush after an Iraqi threw his shoes at him in Baghdad Sunday.

Among Muslims, throwing shoes at someone, or sitting so that the bottom of a shoe faces another person, is considered an insult.
The man was dragged out screaming after throwing the
shoes. Bush ducked, and the shoes, thrown one at a time, sailed past
his head during the news conference with
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his palace in the heavily fortified Green Zone.
As the man continued to scream from another room, Bush said: "That was a size 10 shoe he threw at me, you may want to know."
Bush had been lauding the conclusion of the security pact with Iraq as journalists looked on.
Bush landed at Baghdad International Airport on Sunday
and traveled by helicopter to meet with President Jalal Talabani and
his two vice presidents at Talabani's palace outside the Green Zone.

It marked the first time he has been outside the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad without being on a military base.
The visit was Bush's fourth since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.
Afterward, Talabani praised his U.S. counterpart as a
"great friend for the Iraqi people" and the man "who helped us to
liberate our country and to reach this day, which we have democracy,
human rights, and prosperity gradually in our country."

Talabani said he and Bush, who is slated to leave office
next month, had spoken "very frankly and friendly" and expressed the
hope that the two would remain friends even "back in Texas."

For his part, Bush said he had come to admire Talabani and his vice presidents "for their courage and for their determination to succeed."
As the U.S. and Iraqi national anthems played and Iraqi troops looked on, he and the Iraqi president walked along a red carpet
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Bush 'shoed' during Iraq visit
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