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 the prophet Ibrahim

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PostSubject: the prophet Ibrahim   Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:04 pm

Ibrahim, peace be upon him
Khalil is God, joyful God and his bounty on many created, Ibrahim was living in folk worship planets, did not please him, and felt that there was a God-Fitr greatest God guided him so elated his letter, Abraham is calling his people to the singularity of God and worship, but they tried to deny and burned Sanjay Among the hands of God, making God the descendants of the prophets Abraham, Ismail Ould him and Isaac, the construction of the Kaaba with Ibrahim Ismail.

Ibrahim, peace be upon him home:

Is one of the first five adults who are determined to take God charter toughening them, namely: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed .. Arrange the mission. It is the Prophet of God that has plagued the scourge indicated. The scourge over the ability of human beings and Energy nerves. Despite the hardship, and the curse of evil .. The Ibrahim Abd, who was at. And increased to meet the charity.

The generous Almighty God bless Abraham and special honor, Making pure malt is pure unification of the impurities. And making the mind by those who follow the religion.

It was Fadlallah Ibrahim to make it Amama God to people. And make a prophet and his offspring in the book. Each of the prophets Abraham after a basket they understand his children and grandchildren. Even if the other prophets, Muhammad peace be upon him, said an investigation in response to a call by Ibrahim called on God that gives them illiterate messenger.

If we have preferred to look at Abraham and God honoring him will be filled with surprise. We human beings came to the Lord a sound heart. Man was barely God says to him even sounder She said the Lord worlds. Nabi is the first of Samana Muslims. Nabi was very father and the prophets of God to all who came after him. Nabi Sin Wah tolerant Halim Monib.

Tell us is our Lord and His Majesty Splendid something else better than all of the above. Allah Almighty says in an arbitrator mandates: (A) Ibrahim Khalil God is not mentioned in the book of God to the Prophet, by the friend of God-Ibrahim. Scientists said: Nakhla is the intensity of love. This means the verse: God took Ibrahim Habib. Over this summit faces sitting Ibrahim PBUH.

The ultimate goal of Tsalka, and very objective investigators and those who know God .. The love of God Almighty. Either one of them dreamed that loved God, to love the individual, Nakhla, only a very loving .. That something behind the prospects of perception. This is the Ibrahim Al Lord, who earned by the God of Hebron.

Before the event idolaters Ibrahim:

Quran does not speak about his birth or childhood, does not stop when his time explicitly, but it paints a climate of life in his days, life runs in his time, and believes people have divided three categories:

-- General worshiped idols and statues of wood and stone.
-- And pave the category of planets, stars, sun and moon.
-- And pave the category of kings and rulers.

The emergence of Ibrahim peace be upon him:

In this atmosphere, Ibrahim was born. Born in families that time run. Not the head of the family kaafir normal Abdo idols, was a kaafir distinct manufactures its own hands statues gods.

It was said that his father died before his birth Rabbani, his uncle and had him as a father, Ibrahim was asking another word fatherhood, said that his father did not die and was reinforcing his father really is, said to embolden the name of the post infamous father industries .. Whatever the case had ordered Ibrahim was born in this family.

Head of the family makes the greatest sculptor goddess statues. The father's profession confer sainthood upon his people in particular, makes for an excellent all his family in society. Is a prominent family, a family of the ruling elite.

Of this holy family, a child born destined to stand against his family and against the system together and against his people and against the illusions of thought and against priests against Abdu al-based stars and planets and against all kinds of Shirk briefly.

Days passed .. The old Ibrahim .. The heart of the excellence of his childhood faith with hatred for these statues, which manufactures and father. Did not understand how a sane person to make a statue with his hands, then prostrate after making what his own hands.

Ibrahim noted that these statues do not drink or do not speak the erosion can not be moderated if her heart on one side. How do people imagine that these statues are useful and harmful?!

Abdo face of planets and stars:

Ibrahim, peace be upon him decided to confront the stars of his Abdo, said when the view of one of the planets in the night, this planet Rabbo. It seems that his people had been reassured him and, as he refuses to worship statues and loves cult planets. The free navigation between the three Pagans: cult statues, stars and kings. However, Abraham was spared to his stunning surprise in the morning. The huevos planet, which he joined religions yesterday. Ibrahim does not love Coughlin. Ibrahim returned in the second night declared to his people that the moon Rabbo. Not based on sufficient degree of intelligence to realize that making fun of them gently and kindness and love. How to worship the Lord and then disappear shows. Coughlin then shines over. His people did not understand this the first time he repeated with the moon. But Moon Cay bloomed another planet .. Shows and disappear.

Ibrahim said do not go Moon (While not Truce Lord of the universe of people astray) We note here that when there is a hadith from his rejection of the divinity of the moon .. It is quietly tearing apart the faith of Mayotte and kindness. How people to worship Lord disappear and impunity. While not Truce () Lord is my understanding that the Lord is not all worship. However, the gesture does not reach them.

Ibrahim and his attempt to re-establish the argument to the first of his people .. Abdo planets and stars. Rabbo announced that the sun, the moon it more. Once the sun disappeared, even declared his innocence of the cult of stars and planets. They are all Mgluqat files. He ended his first round guidance and hand for the one who created the heavens and the earth upright .. Involving not like them.

Ibrahim was able to show the argument right. The conflict began his people with him. Not acquiescence of a slave stars and planets. The controversy began and threatened to intimidate him. Ibrahim said they responded: (Athajohnny in God Wahdan was not afraid what the company only that he likes nothing could Ruba Ruba everything note FAO remember (80) and how the company does not fear what you are scared of God unless the company down by the highest authorities of the two subsequent security Faye That you know (81 )}... (Al-An'am).

We do not know the awesome attack him. The intensity of the conflict against him, nor method used by his people with him to intimidate him. Exceeded the Koran, all this is to reply. The argument invalid shells from the Koran story, said Ibrahim replied logical reason. How fear are not afraid? Groups of any subsequent security?

After Ibrahim peace be upon him between his argument for General Abdou stars and planets, preparing to identify his argument for worshipping idols. Attah God argument in the first two categories as the argument every time.

Sublime .. Ibrahim had supported the show and the kingdom of heaven and earth. Not with him-Islam began to struggle with Abdou idols. This time the conflict takes a greater unity. Father of the subject .. This profession father into the secret places and people ratification .. They worship followed by the majority.

مــعــا...نــصــنــع الــحــيــاة
Together...Make The Better Life
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Number of posts : 389
Age : 24
Location : Egypt
Registration date : 2008-08-28

PostSubject: Re: the prophet Ibrahim   Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:06 pm

Abdo face idols:

Ibrahim Ali left his people calling on him. He and other angry decisively to the right: (He said to his father and his people what these statues, which you have engaged (52) and they've found our fathers have Abidin (53) You have said you and your fathers indicated in error (54) They come right Or you players (55 ) Said, but Lord Lord of the heavens and the earth's control, which I am also from two witnesses (56 )}... (Al-Anbiya).

The matter ended conflict started between Abraham and his people .. The most awe and anger is the father or his uncle, who Oh Cap .. The father and son clashed in the conflict. Separated between the two principles differ .. Junior standing with God, the Father stands with falsehood.

His father to his son: How great misfortune O Ibrahim .. We have to let down and orchards.

Ibrahim said: (Father did not worship does not see nor hear you sing something (42) O Father, I have I received from the flag unless Batken tracking HDC Path together (43) Father does not worship Satan the devil is the rebellious Rahman (44) O Father, I fear lest the agony of Rahman would be to the devil and to (45 )}... (Maryam).

Rose father standing on a wavering of anger. Said Thaer Ibrahim, which if not stopped will be invited this interpretation, kill you beaten with stones. This kick from stand against the gods .. Get out of my house .. I do not want to see you .. Get out.

Matter ended the conflict and resulted in the expulsion of Ibrahim from his home. It also resulted threatened to kill him by firing stones. Despite this act Ibrahim son and the Prophet cream bar. Addressing the father of prophets, politely. He said to his father in response to insults and defamation, expulsion and death threats: (said peace, you ask forgiveness for you, my Lord that he was my Hafiana (47) and retired from what you call of Allah and pray my Lord may not be twofold prayer Ruba (48)) (Maryam).

Ibrahim, left the house of his father. Abandoned his people and the worship of Allah. It decided in the same order. He knew that there was a great celebration will be built on the other side of the river, and concentrate all people to him. And wait until the celebration and clean city where people.

Ibrahim and left a cautious pace meant the temple. The street leading to the temple free. The temple itself was deserted. Turning to celebrate all people. Ibrahim entered the temple and with a sharp axe. Look at statues of gods carved stone and wood. Seen dining developed by the people in front of vows and gifts.

Ibrahim approached from the statues and asked them:) (not eating was making fun of them and know they do not eat. He returned statues ask: what you do not () then pronunciation Hui Fez on the gods.

Bronze Idol gods to small pieces of broken stones and wood .. However, a large idols (Ibrahim had left them so that they might return him) asked how the incident occurred is not payable for the present young gods! And then they are re-examining the whole issue, due to the soaps.

But Ibrahim, who disrupted the folk myth minds thinking about, Fogel tradition thoughts on meditation and reflection. Did not ask themselves: that this was how the gods have signed what happened without having to pay anything for themselves?! This is how large did not pay them?! Instead, (said this act of those who violate it oppressors).

Remember then heard Ibrahim, who denies the father and his cult statues, and disparaging to the gods after Cade spent about!

Hazrat Ibrahim peace be upon him, gathered people, and asked (Are you did it violate any Ibrahim)? Ibrahim (answered them, but do such a large Vassallo that they speak) Sarcasm is clear in this cynical answer. There is no need to call this a lie of Abraham - peace be upon him - and the search for the various ills that reasoning differed by Explainers. It is much easier than this!

But he wanted to say to them: that these statues do not know of the crash or that I was this big gold just does not have mobility. They JUMADA not understand him at all. You also just have been stripped of recognition does not distinguish between permissible and impossible. I do not know that I was the one who dashed Or is this statue is the one who crashed!

It seems that this satiric irony might quake shook, and surrender to something reflection reflection: (due to themselves that you are the evil-doers THEY (64 )}.... (Al-Anbiya).

The gesture is better to feel the absurdity in their position, and the worship of statues of this injustice. The bloom vision for the first time thoroughly so absurd that it took themselves, and oppression, which are by Drew. But they were not only a flash followed by one of darkness, and not fail one returned their hearts to subside: (Exxon on their heads and then I have learned what these speechless (65)) (Al-Anbiya).

The first was truly irreversible to the hearts and was the second setback for warheads; expression Quran says photographer amazing .. The first movement in the soul of consideration and reflection. The second was a coup on the head do not mind not thinking. Otherwise, saying the latter is the argument on them. Any excuse to Ibrahim stronger than those that do not speak?

It was then ripped his pocket, and narrow the patient is not the norm Halim. Absurd because here beyond the patience Halim: (Avcabdon said without God is not something beneficial not harm you (66) F-you and what you worship other than Allah, do you not understand? (67)) (Al-Anbiya).

It appears as saying by a narrow chest, and resentment restraint, and Wonders of the absurd beyond all familiar.

At that point taken pride shame as tyrants always take while losing the argument, lacking evidence, resorted to brute force and torture thick: (They burned your gods and we insist that you actors (68)) .. (Al-Anbiya).

Ibrahim, peace be upon him escape from fire:

In fact .. Seemed ready to burn Ibrahim. Spread the news in Saudi whole. The people of the villages, mountains and cities to witness the punishment by the gods and dared to crash and admitted that made fun of priests. And dug a hole to fill a great wood and wood and trees. And set on fire. Almnjnic and brought a huge machine sending Ibrahim fell in the hole where the fire .. They laid Ibrahim after his hands and feet tied in Almnjnic.

And caught fire in the pit and flames rising into the sky. People were standing away from the crater of the people, Party heat. The Chief Priest ordered the release of Ibrahim fire.

Jibril came in peace and stop when the head of Ibrahim, and asked: "O Ibrahim .. You need?

Ibrahim said: either you do not.

Almnjnic Ibrahim began firing in a pit fire. The fire is in place, but they were not exercising its function in the arson. God has issued the bulk of His Majesty to fire him to be (coolness and peace for Abraham). Fire burned its restrictions only.

And Ibrahim sat down the middle as sitting amid the garden. Isobh Rabbo was all praise and glory. His heart was not in place of free can fill with dread or fear or alarm. The heart was full of love and unity. Matt and fear. And awe faded away. The fire transformed into a peace tempered by cool air temperature.

He sat the priests and people observe fire from afar. The temperature hit them in spite of them, after them. The fire smoldered for so long thought that it would not unbelievers never extinguished. When Ibrahim died surprise emerging from the pit as a sound income. The point of Nour, who Majesty. And his clothes as it is combustible. It is not by any trace of smoke or fire.

Ibrahim emerged from the fire as if emerging from a garden. The cries of amazement escalated infidel. Have lost their tour of bitter loss and cheek .. (They wanted by devising make the greatest losers (70 )}... (Al-Anbiya).

Do not tell us about the Koran when Omar Ibrahim broke idols of his people, do not tell us about the age at which commissioned by the call of God. It seems to extrapolate from ancient texts that Ibrahim was young, while doing so, as demonstrated by his people, saying: (heard a boy say reminding Ibrahim). The word boy fired on the age at which precedes the century.

Abdo face of kings:

The time of God's selection of Ibrahim unspecified in the Koran. And therefore we can not lose when a final reply. All we can to go where the opinion, that argument has to Ibrahim Abdou statues categorically, as established by the slave stars and planets by decisively, leaving nothing but the argument are the kings Almtalhein and worship .. Thus, the argument at all infidels.

Ibrahim, peace be upon him went to the King of the sufferer was in the timing. And exceeded the Koran name King of the lack of importance, but Roy said that King contemporary of Abraham was nicknamed (El Namroud), a king Alaramyin Iraq. Polls also exceeded reality, as long exceeded the dialogue that took place between Abraham and him. But God in his book Al-Hakim told us first argument filed by Ibrahim, peace be upon him the tyrant king, Ibrahim said quietly: (Ruba, who salutes Limite).

King said: (I salute and the Dead) I can bring a man walking on the street and killed, and I can forgave sentenced to death and ANGERS death .. Thus, I would be able to life and death.

Ibrahim, King did not argue for what he says naivete. However, it wanted to prove to imagine that he belongs in the same capacity is in fact not capable. Ibrahim said: (the Sun God comes from the Orient missed out from Morocco).

King listened to challenge Ibrahim silent .. When finished, King's Prophet upwind. Feeling of powerlessness has been unable to answer. Has proved to him that Ibrahim hoax .. Told him that God comes from the bright sun, Can is to come from Morocco .. The fact that the systems, in accordance with the laws of walking .. God created the laws of any creature can not be controlled.

If the king is sincere in his claim judgments irregular universe and its laws .. Then the king felt disability .. Shut up and challenge. Did not know what to say, not how to act. Ibrahim left the palace of King, after which Kafr upwind.

مــعــا...نــصــنــع الــحــيــاة
Together...Make The Better Life
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PostSubject: Re: the prophet Ibrahim   Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:07 pm

Migration Ibrahim peace be upon him:

Ibrahim fame started in Saudi whole. People talked about miracles and gives fire, and people talked about his position with King Shut up and how King did not know what to say. Ibrahim continued his call to God Almighty. Do its utmost to guide his people, tried to convince them by all means, despite a bead them, and his eagerness to have angered his people and immigration, did not believe him of his only woman and one man. A woman called Sarah, has become his wife later, a man is length, has become a prophet later. When Ibrahim realized that no one will believe this lawsuit. Decided to emigrate.

Before migrate, the father of faith, then found that his father Ibrahim, the enemy of God, and that he has no intention of faith, Abraham relationship with him and spare him.

For the second time in the stories of prophets, we encounter such a surprise. The story of Noah's father was a prophet and son kaafir, and the story of Abraham was the father and son kaafir prophet, and his story, we see the insurer declares his innocence from the enemy of God despite being a daughter or father, and Allah is my understanding through the story that the only relationship that should underlie the links between people , Is the relationship between faith nothing to do with birth and blood.

Ibrahim, peace be upon him out of town and began migration. Traveled to a town called Ur. The city called the heat. Then deported to Palestine, along with his wife, the only woman that you believe him. Accompanied him longer .. The only man who believed in him.

After Palestine, Ibrahim went to Egypt. Throughout this time, through all of these flights, used to invite people to worship God, and fought in the process, and it serves the weak and poor, and adjusted among the people, and guide them to truth and right.

The stories of some of the story shows Ibrahim peace be upon him and his wife Sarah and their position with the King of Egypt. It says: The news reached the king of Egypt arrival of a woman with him to Egypt is the most beautiful women earth. By greed. And sent its soldiers to come to these women. That's up to them and ask about the man who with her, the husband was killed. Revelation came to Ibrahim peace be upon him so.

Said Ibrahim - peace be upon him - for Sarah Lock me that you are my sister - a sister in God - and said it is on this earth who believes in me and others - all people of Egypt infidels, no uniform to God Almighty. Soldiers came and asked Ibrahim: What is this you? Said: My sister.

To stand here a little .. Ibrahim said to his people when he said (I Suqeim), but (done such a large Vassallo) and (is my sister). You are intolerable exegesis. But with that Ibrahim was very scared peace be upon him from his words on this day Alkaimh. When people go to him OO Easter call for God to enter the account does not tell them that I lied to my Lord three times.

We find that people now are lying in front of people from non-Shakour is no fear of the Creator.

Sarah knew what the king of Egypt and the dealer wants it took leave of God, saying: Oh God, you know, I believe your Messenger secured Sergio may not only shed the Infidel.

When they entered it. D hand it failed to find his hand and frozen in place, began to scream because he could no longer move, his aides came to help him but they could not do anything. Sarah to be afraid to kill themselves because of what King did. Said: O Lord, let it not kill him. He God allegations.

مــعــا...نــصــنــع الــحــيــاة
Together...Make The Better Life
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PostSubject: Re: the prophet Ibrahim   Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:12 pm

But the king did not Itb thought that what happened was it went off. Attacks on again. Failed again. He said: Kenya. She called God's jaw. Fmd his third failure. He said: Kenya launched Akram. She called on God Almighty Vvk. King sold screaming: Get away from me, you did not come rights, but Tate devil.

Fired and gave something of gold, as his mother gave her name (immigrated).

This novel about a famous entry Ibrahim - peace be upon him - to Egypt.

His wife Sarah does not give birth. The king of Egypt had calmed down an Egyptian woman to be in service, and Ibrahim had become senators, and white hair through the white Omar spent in the invitation to God, she thought Sarah and Ibrahim Wahid, which does not give birth to boys, what if Ms. Egyptian presented to him to be the wife of her husband? The name of the Egyptian (immigrated).

Thus, his wife Sarah emigrated from Abraham, Hagar and their son was born I fired him and his father's name (Ismail). Ibrahim was born while senators have migrated first sons Ismail.

We do not know the dimensions of the distances made by Ibrahim in his trip to God. The traveller is always to God. Whether settled by the foremost in his home or his campaign steps tourists in the ground. Travelers to God knows it days on the ground and then comes death and then in promoting the image and play dead and his Baath located.

Revive the dead:

Mullah Ibrahim, the heart of Latter-day peace, love and certainty. And wanted to see how the day Yahya God Almighty dead. God speaks this position in the AL (cow) .. He says: (And when Abraham said Lord Arne how salutes the dead Ulm said he believes wear, but rest assured my heart).

They do not desire tranquility in the heart of faith with only some degree of love of God.

(Subfraction said four of the birds with his eyesight and then you get to all of them part of Mount Tatiana pursuit of novelty and then I know that God Aziz Hakim).

Ibrahim did what God's command. Four of the slaughter of birds and their parts on the mountain teams. , Calling the name of God Renaissance to the wing feathers, and examined the chests of their heads, and parts flying birds push towards docking, and met with hearts in them, and hastened to sacrifice parts of healing, and appear in bird life and came speeding aircraft designed herself into the arms of Abraham.

I think some mufassireen that this experiment was to explore the love of Abraham. I think some of whom he wanted to see the hands of Jalal-Khaliq is working, not seen the opinion and style result. I think some mufassireen that only what God has been slaughtered birds. We believe that this experience was some degree of love made the traveller to God. Ibrahim.

Journey with Ibrahim and Ismail emigrated to the valley of Mecca:

Ibrahim ordered the day he woke up his wife emigrated to assume her son is preparing for a long journey. A few days later began Ibrahim trip with his wife Hagar and their son Ismail. The child was not wean the baby yet. The Ibrahim is a terrain planted Tawheed comes after the desert mountains. Even entered the desert Arabian Peninsula, and in order to Abraham and is not led by planting trees and fruit with no food and no water or syrup. The valley was totally devoid of signs of life.

Ibrahim arrived in the valley, over emerged dropped from literature. The drop his wife and daughter and left there, leaving them follicular some food, little water. Then he turned round and left the capital.

Hastened behind his wife she says to him: you go where Ibrahim and leave us in this valley, which is not something?

Unanswered Abraham. Under proceed. Returned him to say what she said is silent. Finally understood that he was not behaving so than himself. I realized that God himself so I asked him: Is God carer this? Ibrahim said peace be upon him: Yes.

Said his wife, the great believers: I will not lose as long as God is with us by the carer. Ibrahim marched even if Mount conceals them to stop and raise his hands to heaven creams and kept calling God: (Lord, I settled the valley of the atomic-laying at the home of Islam).

Not God's house rebuilt after, were not the Kaaba was built, and there was wisdom in this high ambiguous behavior, it was Ismail who left the child with his mother in this place, this is the child who will become responsible with his father about the building of the Kaaba later . The wisdom of God requires that extends built this valley, and it will house of God, who demands all the while praying Bjrhna.

Ibrahim left his wife and infant daughter in the desert and returned due to the struggle to invite God. Or breastfed her son, Ismael felt thirst. The sun was burning hot and raises the sense of thirst. Two days after the water completely finished, mother's milk dried up. And felt Hagar and Ishmael thirst .. The hunger strike has ended, too. It seemed difficult position and very embarrassed.

Zamzam water:

Ismail started crying of thirst. And his mother left him and began searching for water. Began to walk, speeding up and arrived at Mount name (fidelity). She rose with him by looking for a well or a human being or a convoy. There was nothing.

I got out of speeding and fidelity even if reached the valley began to seek man's quest stressful even exceeded the Valley and went to the Mount (Marwan), and qualified and considered him to see one but did not see anyone. And returned to her mother and I found him crying has intensified thirst. And rushed to the moratorium on fidelity, and scrambling for flexibility I looked from above. She goes and comes seven times between the small mountain. It is seven times and go back.

For that pilgrims go and come back seven times between Safa and Marwa in commemoration of the first memories of their mother and father Azim Ismail. Hagar returned after a stressful time for seventeenth tired running. And sat beside her son, who was himself had withdrawn from crying and thirst.

At this moment desperate realizes God's mercy, Ismail kicked and beaten earth is crying exploded under his hotbeds of Zamzam. The escapee water from the well. Saved the life of the child and mother. She scoops up the power to approve a mother thank God. , Drinking and coordinated the baby and began life runs in the region. Ratified disappointed when she said: I will not lose as long as God with us.

Some convoys have started to stabilize the region. And attract water, which exploded as a hotbed of Zamzam many people. It seemed urbanization spreads its wings to the place.

مــعــا...نــصــنــع الــحــيــاة
Together...Make The Better Life
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PostSubject: Re: the prophet Ibrahim   Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:14 pm

This slaughter Ismail peace be upon him:

Old Ismail .. The comment by heart Ibrahim .. Stub statement came on the large bead .. And plagued by the scourge of God Ibrahim great because of this love. In the opinion of Ibrahim peace be upon him in a dream that he slaughtered his son Ismail only. Ibrahim works inspired by the vision of the prophets.

See how God tested worship. Hopes any type of test. We prophet before his heart mercy in the heart of the earth. Widened his heart love God and love of creation. The statement came son was older .. The appeal is in the age there is no hope of having. Here then is a surrender to sleep in a dream that he sees his son being slaughtered and pulley and standardization which has no other.

Any kind of conflict erupted in itself. Anyone who believes that the conflict was never established. Not be the scourge of showing this attitude that is free from conflict. Conflict erupted in the same Ibrahim .. Aroused the sympathy of parental conflict Hanoun. But Ibrahim did not ask about the reason behind the slaughter of his son. Ibrahim is not asking the Lord for his orders.
Think of Abraham and son .. Why say if lying on the ground to slaughter .. Better to say to his son to be the best for the heart, it is easier to take forcibly oppress and slaughter. This is the best .. Ended up and went to his son (My son said, I believe in a dream that I see what the view slaughter).

Look at moderated to inform his son, leaving the matter for consideration by the son of obedience .. It is doomed in the eyes of Abraham because he inspired from his Lord .. What finds the son Karim? Ismail replied: That is, Dad was then executed (Father do as ordered, God willing, we found that the patient).

Hopes reply Jr. .. Slaughter man knows he complied with the order and provides divine the will of his father reassured that the grandmother (God) of the patient. Patience is in any case and in any case .. Perhaps Astazb son to die before slaughter ordered by God .. Here is a Ibrahim discovers that his son compete in the love of God. We do not know any feelings of equanimity in the same after the surrender of Ibrahim's daughter Sabrina.

Brings us right move lightning If Ismail lying on the ground, the point at the mercy of the Earth by an agent finds himself being slaughtered. If Abraham raises his knife .. If God restaurants. When) (Muslim Koran used this expression .. When Muslim) (This is the true Islam .. Give everything, not leaving anything from you.

Only then .. At the moment where the knife was prepared to sign the command .. Abdullah Ibrahim Club .. Finished testing, and my delegation God Ismail slaughter great - and then Christmas Day for people who have not yet been born, they are Muslims. These are the moments holiday for Muslims. Christmas reminding the sense of true Islam, which it was Ibrahim and Ismail.

The story of Abraham. Leaving his son Ismail returned beaten in the land of God calling him, Khalil him alone. The days passed. Ibrahim had been migrated from his birthplace, the land of Chaldeans in Iraq and across the Jordan and housing in the land of Canaan in the desert. Ibrahim did not forget during his call to God to ask about the news of Lot with his people, and the length of the first of its security, has Athabh God that the mission of the prophet to the nation permissiveness reprobates.

Human Ishaqi:

Ibrahim was sitting alone. At this moment, landed on the ground three feet of the angels: Gabriel and Michael and Asra. Images formed in the extraordinary beauty of mankind. Walked silent. Mzodja their mission. Traffic and Ibrahim al-Bashir. Then visit the Sodomites and put an end to their crimes.

Marched three little angels. Someone gave a pebble in front of Ibrahim. Abraham lifted his head .. Hopes their faces .. No one knows them. Nader salute. They said: peaceful world. Said: peace.

Ibrahim stood up and welcomed them. To join his home which they thought guests and strangers. Meeting and reassured that they had had been reassured, and then ask permission and left. Faragh to their owners.

Played his wife Sarah, while he entered her. The old white hair may no longer glow of youth are not twinkle faith, which overlooks the eyes.

Ibrahim said to his wife: three strangers visited us.

I asked him: Who they are?

Said: I do not know anyone in them. The strange object on the scene. There is no doubt that they are far away, but the clothes do not travel long Chi. Any food ready for us?

She said: half Shah.

His concern is to disperse: half Shah .. They slaughter beef fattening. Are the guests and strangers. Livestock is not with them or loads or food. Perhaps they were hungry and perhaps the poor.

Ibrahim chose beef fattening and ordered slaughtered him, mention the name of God and angina. Steel calf appeared on hot stones. And prepared the table. Ibrahim called on his guests to eat. Ibrahim pointed his hand kindly to the name of God, and began eating is to encourage them. Ibrahim was generous knows that God does not abandon the openhanded and perhaps not at home-the calf, and his guests three and a half and more than enough Shah, but it was a great sovereign generosity.

Ibrahim then started eating Astrk consideration to his guests to assure that they eat. Note that no one reaching out to eat. Near them food and said: Do not you eat? Returned to his food and then misappropriated them look not exist eat .. Felt their hands do not reach the food. Then () and feel the fear of them. In the tradition of desert that Abraham lived there, the meaning of eating with the guests they hate to go to His House.

He noted Ibrahim between him and himself more than surprising to note supports his guests. Noted that they had entered it suddenly. They are not seen only when his head. Livestock not being with them, were not with them loads. Their faces totally alien him. Passengers who were not on the impact of the dust of travel. Here then is to invite them to a meal I sat at the table and eat. Increased fear Ibrahim.

The Angels have viewed his ideas, which revolve in itself, without Yeshi by hand. One of the angels said to him: Fear not (). Abraham lifted his head and said very sincerely and innocence: I am afraid admitted. We invite you to food and welcomed you, but you do not reach out mechanism .. Do you intend me evil?

One of the angels smiled and said: We do not eat any Ibrahim .. We are angels of God .. The (sent to the Sodomites).

Dehket Ibrahim's wife .. The list of pursuing the dialogue between her and them, laughed.

Turning to the one being announced by angels and Ishaqi. Qatar old me screamed: (said O nights of blood and I'm old and the Sheikh that something wondrous (72)) (AL Hood).

Angels returned one of them says: It is (behind Yitzhak Ya)

Gach sentiments in the heart of Ibrahim and his wife. Hv larger room and withdrew fear Ibrahim took his heart kind of strange joy mixed. His wife is too sterile a trembling. The Gospel Angels are shaking profoundly shook her soul. She and her husband barren old sheikh large. How?! How can?!

The middle of this troubled atmosphere de Rocío asked Ibrahim: (beings on the impoverished old age Fbm epidermis (54)) (Al-stone).

It wants to hear the Gospel again? It wants to reassure his heart and listen to him for a second time by God? Was it a sense of himself as a human wants to make sure? The shake joy twice instead of once? Angels assured him they have bared right.

(They do not published for the right of Aleghantin (55)) (Al-stone). (He is despair of mercy Rabbo only astray (56)) (Al-stone).

Angels did not understand the sense of humankind, noted that it is Aleghantin, and we understand that it is not Ghanta .. Is a joy.

Were not a simple thing in human life of Abraham and his wife. Ibrahim did not-one is born Ismail, a legacy there, far away in the Arabian Peninsula. Did not have his wife Sarah gave birth during the long time of Abraham, which his wife emigrated from commercially. It came immigrated Ismail. As for Sarah, did not have a child. It was a great longing for a child, has not quenched the passage of days radiance. Then entered old age and dying dream died. She used to say: it is the will of God Almighty.

Thus Allah wants it. So he wanted to her husband. Here then is an old sets in receiving the Annunciation. Stld yields. Not only this, her skin angels that her son would have born witness birth and experiencing life. The patient then Est and then long forgotten. Then he scored a surprise God erase all this in a moment.

Add tears and stands. And felt Ibrahim PBUH sense perplexing. Gach same feelings of compassion and proximity, and returned about felt that the blessing does not know how Kofi right of thanks. Tergites very Ibrahim on his face.

The matter ended stabilized human together in my mind. Ibrahim stood up from the Al-Sijood has gone from fear, make sure perplexity, and treacherous sections, and calmed the human heart, which held it to him. Remember they were sent to sodomites. The length of his nephew displaced him from his birthplace, and the resident near him.

Ibrahim knows the meaning of angels sent to Lot and his people. This means a terrible doom. Ibrahim compassionate and friendly nature that it can not tolerate people who died in delivery. Perhaps he returned sodomites and stopped, Salman replied See.

It seemed Ibrahim argue Angels in the Sodomites. We talked about the possibility of their faith and their return through debauchery, and I understand that these folk Angels are criminals. The task is to send the stones from the clay of Masooma when Lord of wasteful.

He returned Ibrahim, after the dam Angels open this dialogue, returned talked about the believers of Sodomites. Angels, said: "We know who it. Then my understanding that the matter has been spent. The will of God Almighty may bless the warrant into force of matter and loss of Sodomites.

Ibrahim understand that he must introduce to this dialogue. To provide a dream and mercy. He came ordered Rabbo. It was decided they (the punishment of non-return) received the punishment will not be contested Ibrahim. The speech marked the end of Angels controversy .. BUSH Ibrahim. The Angels went to sodomites peace be upon him

مــعــا...نــصــنــع الــحــيــاة
Together...Make The Better Life
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the prophet Ibrahim
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