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 Anger and Love have no limit

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PostSubject: Anger and Love have no limit   Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:04 pm

While a father was polishing his new car

His 4 Years son picked a stone and made scratches on the car side with visible lines.
The angry father tightly grasped on kid's hand & hit it many times…
Not realizing that he was using a wrench (237)
At the hospital, little child was asking his father after he lost his fingers: 'Dad, when my fingers will grow up?' 7665ok
The father was desperately hurt:(223):
He went back to the car and kicked it allot
He sat down on the side walk and while looking at the scratches, he found his son has written 'I LOVE YOU DAD' :(262): teddy
Anger and Love have no limit…
try not to show you love with a bad way witch will let you one day lose the one you love
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Anger and Love have no limit
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